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Mental Performance Coaching for Tech Leaders

The psychological hurdles that impact the performance of tech founders and executives are vast and unique. Dreamfuel's neuroscience-based coaching ensures that these factors never stand between our clients and achieving their company's highest ambitions.

Mindset powered by Dreamfuel:

Dreamfuel's neuroscience-based coaching helps business founders and high achievers eradicate 'head trash', helping them consistently thrive under pressure, achieve record business quarters, and fuel their teams with the same winning mindset.

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Fueled by Experience

Mental Performance Coaches With Degrees in the Field

Dreamfuel's coaches have successfully coached leaders and executives to achieve their dreams, with accolades backed by expert experience.

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Anna Heiny
Co-Founder & SVP of Operations
Performance Coach
8x All-American, Former Pro Athlete
Neuroscience degree, Notre Dame
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Nick Smarrelli
Performance Coach
MA, Organizational Psychology, Harvard
2x Tech Exits
10x Inc. 5000 Growth Leader
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Alex Easby
Performance Coach
Tech Founder, Edge Performance Software
MA, Sport & Performance Psychology, University of Denver
Untitled design - 2023-12-11T203152.268-1
Kevin Bailey
Co-Founder and CEO
3x Inc. 500 tech startup founder
1x Tech Exit
Applied Neuroscience PG Cert, King’s College
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Marek Shon
Performance Coach
3x Founder & Speaker
Taken company public
Untitled design - 2023-12-11T203152.268-1
Ariel Naftali
Perfomance Coach
Founder, Perform With Purpose
Transformational Retreat Leader
MA, Sport & Performance Psychology
Untitled design - 2023-12-11T203152.268-1
Jon Speer
Perfomance Coach
Tech Founder, Greenlight Guru 
Serial Entrepreneur & Investor
1x Tech Exit
Neuroscience PG Cert, Harvard
Untitled design - 2023-12-11T203152.268-1
Walid Halty
Perfomance Coach
Tech Founder, Mona Lee
1x Tech Exit
Forbes 30 under 30
30 under 30 EarthX
40 under 40 Renewable Energy World

70% of thoughts are disempowering.

Disempowering thoughts fuel an inconsistent mindset.

Tech Founders Thrive With Dreamfuel

Greenlight Guru Founder and CEO

Jon Speer is the founder of Greenlight Guru. Alongside his CEO who also leverages Dreamfuel for mental performance coaching, they've built a culture of mental toughness with Dreamfuel.

With this mentality, the company has become the #1 Medical QMS Software (G2 Crowd) and a Top 100 MedTech Startup.

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Sales increase

Average quarterly increase per sales rep with mental performance training.


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Employee engagement

Companies thrive when employee engagement & retention increases.

Tech Founders Thrive With Dreamfuel

Linksquares Co-Founder and CEO

By leveraging Dreamfuel to navigate the challenges and decision-making that comes with being a CEO, Vishal Sunak and his team have yielded incredible results: 300% growth in 18 months and $140 million capital raised.

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Company growth

Teams hit critical milestones faster and more efficiently when all teams and visions are aligned.



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Employee retention

Individuals are able to achieve their goals faster, which leads to greater job satisfaction & performance.

Fuel Your Elite Performance

In Just 15 Minutes A Day

Top performers and professional athletes use mental performance training to consistently perform at an elite level.

Fuel Elite Performance

Train across the six pillars of elite mental fitness using Dreamfuel's integrated mental performance coaching model. Learn how to consistently achieve max output AND recharge with max recovery.


Predict the Future

As mindset becomes stronger, it becomes easier to achieve your goals, enabling leaders to predict future team performance with accuracy in near real time.


Measure Mindset Over Time

Dreamfuel's INTRINSIC technology scientifically measures individual and team mindset metrics over time, providing key insights for continuous improvement.

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Powered by Intrinsic Technology

Fuel for Your Peak Performance

Elite performers don't happen by accident. We train founders and executive leaders to elevate their game using an integrated mental performance and neuroscience-backed coaching platform that enables them to:

  1. Stay in a consistent state of performance
  2. Naturally achieve a “flow state”
  3. Prevent burnout that can trickle down from leadership and all throughout an organization.

Break free from the cycle of success fatigue and cultivate lasting motivation.

Stay resilient in the face of challenges, enabling sustained peak performance in the marathon of success.

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The Science Behind Dopamine

"Why is my team experiencing burnout?"

Believe or not, there's a science behind it. Dopamine, the fuel for motivation, thrives on variety and recognition. When tasks lack stimulation, dopamine levels plummet—leading to burnout. 

Our solution? Shift the focus from achievement to effort. We guide leaders in rewarding themselves and their teams strategically, triggering dopamine consistently.

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Unlock the Power of Flow State

Self-generate that "in the zone" feeling.

Our science-backed methods are designed to empower leaders to tap into a flow state consistently, ensuring a continuous stream of their most creative and impactful work. Elevate your performance with the key to sustained excellence.

Turning Mindset into Millions

Mental Performance Coaching

Hear directly from Dreamfuel Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Bailey and Dreamfuel client David DeRam, CEO of Greenlight Guru, on the benefit of mental performance coaching in this video:

[45:28] Flow State and its Characteristics
[49:26] Motivation and Self-Rewarding Effort
[52:07] The Power of Dopamine

Learn more about Greenlight Guru's success with Dreamfuel:

Download the Case Study


We help founders and high-achievers realize their dreams.

Your dreams matter, and our passion is to help leaders navigate the stress of building a business and high-performing teams.

Steve Travaglini
CRO Linksquares
"Your mindset is your reality. Dreamfuel teaches you to control both. LinkSquares broke every record in Q4 2020, best quarter, best month, top rep performances, etc. This was the first quarter we invested in mindset coaching with Dreamfuel. Everything we achieved, we visualized 3 months prior."
  • 300% growth in 18 months
  • $140 million capital raised
  • 30% increase in AE retention
Nick Tippman
CMO, Greenlight Guru
"The decision to bring in Dreamfuel to work with our sales team was one of the most impactful decisions we ever made. Dreamfuel helped us transition our culture from mediocrity to elite."
  • 9 record quarters in a row
  • +250% average close rate increase
  • 44% increase in average AE bookings
Elizabeth Miney
Learning & Development Manager
"Dreamfuel taught us how to harness the power of our minds to visualize success and gave us techniques to manage the stresses of selling in a remote environment. As a result, we have an engaged team, all rowing in the same direction towards the same goals."
Before Dreamfuel After Dreamfuel
Diminished focus Increased close rate
Poor outlook Improved attitude and outlook
Lack of belief in goals Embracing challenges
Reduced employee engagement Engaged salesforce
David DeRam
CEO, Greenlight Guru

"What does unstoppable energy look like? What does a billion dollar mindset look like? And what would it mean if you could hold that mindset and that energy in all situations? What would that be worth? That's mindset coaching, and that's what Dreamfuel has taught me how to do."

  • 9 record quarters in a row
  • +250% average close rate increase
  • 44% increase in average AE bookings

Backed by the Best

Dreamfuel partners with venture capitalists and private equity teams who understand that mental performance is the foundation of company growth. Not only do they trust us to work with their portfolio companies, they’re also our clients.


.gtm fund
JMI equity
elevate ventures
touchedown ventures
northrim horizon

Leaders before Dreamfuel:

Imposter syndrome
Mental fogginess
Struggling with focus

Leaders with Dreamfuel coaching:

5x Productivity with flow state
Executing sound judgment in high-pressure situations
Better work-life integration
Results in:
*Responses from our 2023 Mental Performance Survey
kevin bailey headshot
Kevin Bailey Dreamfuel Founder and CEO

People think mindset is positive thinking, but it is so much more than that. To consistently embrace the roller coaster of life, you have to target your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and even your physiology - they all impact your performance.

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real success with dreamfuel

Tech Leaders Trust Us

Learn how Greenlight Guru drove record-setting growth, improved employee sales performance by 44%, and increased employee engagement by 20% in just two quarters with Dreamfuel.

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