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Climb Your Mountain

Win more, without the burnout.

Sustain your elite performance

When was the last time you woke up on a Monday and said,
"Heck Yes! Let's go."?

Backed by neuroscience and powered by seasoned coaches, Dreamfuel’s mental performance platform and integrated coaching program is designed to help you crush your goals and climb your mountains... without all the ups and downs.

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Rachel Downey, Founder & Executive Producer
Rachel Downey Founder & Executive Producer

“The mindset course helped me get off the roller coaster of emotions that many entrepreneurs and high performers face. I went from feeling the highs and the lows to being able to shift into neutral, which helped me succeed in significant ways.”

Who we train:


Executive Leaders

Founders, CEOs, CROs, CFOs, CMOs, CTOs, VP of Sales

Most high-performers are operating off of cortisol and adrenaline, which we call the Fuels of Failure. As success increases, the pressure of performance increases as well. This leads to burnout, health issues, and relationship issues.

We teach executive leaders how to break through their mental ceilings and let go of issues like self-doubt, scarcity, and anger so that you can embrace life's curveballs, thrive under pressure, and accelerate your performance without sacrificing the things that matter the most. 


High Growth Sales Leaders

When the stakes are high, mindset makes the difference.

It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it… We train sales leaders to thrive under pressure by teaching across six pillars of mindset (confidence, discipline, drive, focus, resilience and vitality).

The end result: Sales leaders experience higher close rates (46%), increased sales predictability (44%), increased productivity and creativity, increased intrinsic motivation and a self-sustaining cycle that gets better over time.

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Entrepreneurs & Driven Individuals

Entrepreneurs and driven individuals often find themselves working late nights, early mornings and weekends. They want to “do it all” and they want to “do it all right now.”

We help entrepreneurs and driven individuals harness the six pillars of mindset to increase their output through flow state by 5X, bring more focus to their goals and visualize their success so they can reach milestones faster and with more ease.

The end result: More balance at home and work, increased productivity and decreased anxiety and stress.


High performance athletes

When you’ve trained all you can, but know you’re capable of more, it’s time to look at your mindset.

Athletes win more with Dreamfuel when they engage the subconscious mind so it works for them and not against them. Our team of athletic coaches work with athletes 1 on 1 at the collegiate, professional and semi-professional levels.

The end result: Athletes using Dreamfuel’s mental performance techniques report decreased performance anxiety, are calmer under pressure, exceed their goals and enhance their rest and recovery.

Services offered:


1 on 1 Mental Performance Coaching

If you want to achieve your goals faster and with less stress, you need to learn to drive your thoughts, emotions, feelings and physiology - and that starts with mindset. Dreamfuel works with founders and executives, including leaders in both revenue and operational roles.

Client success stories:

Vishal Sunak

CEO, Linksquares

Every goal I've visualized with Dreamfuel has come true. And you've gotta believe at some level it's not a coincidence. When you get the subconscious mind working for you, things tend to work out!

David DeRam

CEO, Greenlight Guru

What does unstoppable energy look like? What does a billion dollar mindset look like? And what would it mean if you could hold that mindset and that energy in all situations? What would that be worth? That's mindset coaching, and that's what Dreamfuel has taught me how to do.

Jon Speer


What an amazing opportunity and gift I've been given to get the opportunity to work with Dreamfuel. There's a lot of things going on in the world that can cause a lot of emotional ups and downs on a daily basis. And through mindset coaching, I'm able to keep a smooth and stable mindset while being a founder of a high-growth company.

Nick Wagner

Co-Founder & COO

As a startup founder, it often feels like I'm juggling 12 completely different things and there are 15 different fires I have to put out. What's great about Dreamfuel's mindset training is it really impacts every single one of them.

Brian Zapf

Founder & CEO

I was working long hours at a grueling management financial consulting job and feeling burnt out. I dreamed of launching my own business but couldn't see a way to go full time as an entrepreneur on an unproven venture. I was also planning a wedding and balancing the demands of family life with two daughters.

My sister raved about the mindset work Dreamfuel had done with her and her colleagues, so I reached out to Kevin Bailey and enrolled in Dreamfuel's MindFit180 program. It was well worth the money, time, and effort. The skills I learned, and the community I gained, gave me the confidence and consistent flow state I needed to leave my day job and launch my own business, while balancing the demands and stresses of life. I still practice the techniques almost daily and feel off on the days I miss them. If you commit and do the work, this program can help make your dreams a reality.

Robert Link

Enterprise Sales Executive

Despite realizing success, I was looking for more. I wanted to change how I experienced personal and professional challenges and shift my mindset to become a better version of myself (professionally and with relationships). Having gone through many professional and sales development trainings, I was looking for something different that would help me break through the comfort zone and status quo I'd created for myself. Mindset coaching helped me cultivate more internal motivation, calming my inner critic, mindfullness, self compassion, better understanding what motivates and scares me and where and who I want to be. The course improved my health, relationships, and overall mindset. I know what I want and have a whole set of new tools that work for me to help me

Casey Bolsega

Head of Partnerships

Kevin worked with me to strengthen my skills as a high performing salesperson. He helped me understand how to properly train and exercise the most important muscle in your body... YOUR MIND! Mindset coaching helped me not only land the largest contract in our company's history and achieve multiple quota-busting months after that, but also helped me adjust to becoming a father. Balance is key when practicing mindfulness.

Rachel Downey

Founder & Executive Producer

I signed up because I felt my brain needed rewiring. I started to face the same problems over and over again and was not quite sure how to get outside the box of my mind. After one conversation with Kevin, I knew he could help me rewire my brain, break bad habits, and think more abundantly.

The mindset course helped me get off the roller coaster ride of emotions many entrepreneurs or high performers face. I went from feeling the highs and the lows to being able to shift into neutral. Simple practices like daily design, gratitude journaling and breathing exercises have become part of my life.

The course has helped me succeed in significant ways. After my course, dreams that I had written off no longer felt impossible. Instead, I was able to take my mindset practice and start implementing ways of realizing endless possibilities. Two things I visualized have since come to fruition: 1. Being acquired to fuel business growth, 2. working on a feature-length film with a red carpet debut. I genuinely believe that I am limitless, the future is full of opportunity, and the more you add, the more you expand. That level of thinking is the result of the work done with Dreamfuel. I am forever grateful.

Beau Browning


I signed up because my wife’s own personal mindset journey intrigued me. She was diligent in utilizing techniques to sharpen her mental focus and harness inner calmness and I felt it could benefit me in both business and home life. It first helped me with gratitude for all we have in this life and it has flourished into a way to manage anxiety and stress. The course taught me the importance of daily mental exercise and has allowed me to be a better husband, father and leader.

Jake Doll

VP of PR

I started with Dreamfuel in July 2020. The chaos of COVID-19, the upcoming US election and uncertainty at work sent me spiraling. With Dreamfuel's help, I was able to get on back track with mediation and mindfulness practices to what matters and work towards my goals. Wrapping up with the program, I feel like a completely different person; I've received a promotion and am confident that I have the tools and resources to continue growing.

Andrew Ramos

Account Executive

Just looking at my straight up sales numbers. They've gone up a tremendous amount since working with Dreamfuel. It's really helped my career.

Brittanie Campbell

Account Executive

Knowing how to really control my subconscious mind has been something that Dreamfuel has taught me. It really is remarkable how it helps your career, but more than just your career, it helps your day to day life.

Meet Your Coaches

Dreamfuel’s team of world-class coaches help you accelerate your performance and climb your mountains using neuroscience and technology.

  • Kevin Bailey

    Kevin Bailey

    Founder & CEO, Executive Coach

    Kevin knows pressure, and he knows performance.

    He's been a co-founder of three high-growth startups, and has made Inc. 500's list of the fastest growing companies in the country three times.

    During these challenging experiences "in the trenches" Kevin decided to get his masters in neuroscience, and develop mindset programs for teams and individuals at high-growth companies. The same programs he teaches at Dreamfuel today.

    To date, Kevin has coached over 1000 leaders, salespeople, and other high achievers on how to cultivate and maintain a high-performance mindset.

  • Anna Rohrer

    Anna Rohrer

    Co-founder, Performance Coach

    Elite performers need an elite mindset.

    Anna has performed at the highest levels of competition as a professional athlete and an 8-time All American in college.

    During these experiences Anna cultivated the mental skills to perform at the top of her game when adversity and pressure are highest. Her mindset was further bolstered and reinforced by her studies in neuroscience at the University of Notre Dame.

    Anna coaches high performers in the fields of athletics and business.


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