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Leaders that Thrive with Dreamfuel

Empowering Founders and Executive Leaders to Realize Their Dreams.

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Nick Tippmann, CMO & Investor
Nick’s dream was to build his own venture fund. Dreamfuel mental performance coached Nick through a decade-long startup run and a multi-million dollar exit so that he could found TipTop Ventures.

Vishal Sunak, CEO & Co-Founder
By leveraging Dreamfuel to navigate the challenges and decision-making that comes with being a CEO, Vishal Sunak and his team have yielded incredible results: 300% growth in 18 months and $140 million capital raised.

Steve Travaglini, CRO
"Dreamfuel taught us how to harness the power of our minds to visualize success and gave us techniques to manage the stresses of selling in a remote environment. As a result, we have an engaged team, all rowing in the same direction towards the same goals."

Jon Speer, Co-Founder
Jon Speer is the founder of Greenlight Guru. Alongside his CEO who also leverages Dreamfuel for mental performance coaching, they've built a culture of mental toughness with Dreamfuel. With this mentality, the company has become the #1 Medical QMS Software (G2 Crowd) and a Top 100 MedTech Startup.

Erin Barry, Director of Client Success
“Since working with Dreamfuel, my confidence and motivation has accelerated tremendously. I’ve grown in terms of how I behave as a leader and as a teammate.”

Joe Mills, Director of Sales
“Working on my mindset with Dreamfuel is really important for the role I’m in because sales is a roller coaster ride. The Dreamfuel program has empowered me to work on my mindset consistently because it gives you a set of tools and techniques, best use cases, and examples of how to use them.”

Elizabeth Miney, Learning and Development Manager
“We brought Dreamfuel into our company because of the volatility of what we do. We needed to build resilience and grit in our people to help them weather the ins and outs of this really competitive market we’re in. Since working with Dreamfuel, the quality of what I produce on a daily basis is better because I’m better.”

Patrick Boyaggi, CEO & Co-Founder
“Since I’ve started using the tools from Dreamfuel my mindset has changed in countless ways. I’m certainly more aware than I ever was about my mindset, what I do, and how what’s happening in the world impacts the way I behave.”

Christian Miller, CEO
“The biggest change coming out of Dreamfuel is my emotional state and being grounded. Being a CEO is just managing surprises, and in my past life I’d emotionally react to surprises and give way too much negative energy to these surprises. Dreamfuel has most importantly helped me be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.”

Rachel Downey, CEO and Founder
Rachel is the founder, CEO, and Executive Producer of Share Your Genius, an award-winning podcast production company. Here she shares just how crucial a healthy mindset is to great performance in business, as well as your everyday life.

Nick Wangler, CEO and Founder
“As a startup founder, it often feels like I’m juggling 12 different things. There’s 15 fires I’m putting out. What’s great about mindset training is that it really impacts every single one of them and makes me feel like I have a level of control and confidence that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Kyle Galle, VP of Marketing
“I’ve become a new father recently, and mindset training has been a big part of that transition to the life of being a father. This training has allowed me to step back and notice all the little moments of gratitude in my day with my daughter. Without this, I would not have noticed these. I would have glossed over them with the stress of the day."