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What is Mindset Coaching?

New mindsets drive new results

We can talk all day about cutting edge marketing, sales, and product strategies...

These matter. But those strategies have to be executed by a team full of imperfect humans, with hopes, fears, and dreams. 


The quality of their execution is dependent upon the quality of their mindsets. And it is the difference between success and failure.

This is because thought precedes action. How they address a problem, stay motivated, handle stress, get along, learn, overcome adversity, and recover. Especially as the pressure rises -as it often does at high growth companies- and team members ruminate more on their fears and “what ifs?”

According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts.

These repetitive negative thought patterns hold teams and individuals back from peak performance.

The job of a mindset coach is to help teams create new habits, behaviors, and beliefs that are in alignment with their goals. And optimizing a person's mindset is a challenge no smaller than getting in peak physical shape.


My name’s Kevin Bailey and at 27 I was the CEO of the fastest growing startup in my state.

Over a 3 year period we had a growth rate of 3,597%. And since then I’ve been on the founding teams of other startups and worked as an adviser at many others.


know first hand what happens when a team has a great mindset, and what can happen when mindsets go south into what I call, a “nightmare mindset.”

In a nightmare mindset teams become more obsessed with their fears of what can go wrong, than with their dreams and desires for the company.


If keeping in great shape is hard, keeping a great mindset is harder.

Keeping a positive mindset in the face of mounting pressure and opportunity requires a daily mindset practice and habits. Habits practiced across entire teams.


Mindset coaches and products are often utilized by professional athletes, celebrities, and Fortune 500 CEOs. But our teams need these tools too.

Teams at high growth companies may not have national audiences watching them, but the challenges they face are significant. From closing a big deal to hit the quarter or striving to meet a tight development deadline, our teams are constantly being challenged to do more with less.

How much higher could performance be if your team's mindsets were tuned for success?


What is Mindset Coaching? The Performance Trifecta:

Dreamfuel focuses on three areas proven to increase performance in teams and individuals.

Happy faces

1. Mindset Boosts Confidence
What unconscious beliefs, habits, or thoughts are blocking your team from reaching its true potential? Dreamfuel's mindset training and coaching helps teams uncover their limiting beliefs and reframe them for more confidence and success.
2. Mindfulness Improves Focus

Is your team laser focused on your department's goals, or do distractions and fears sometimes creep in and get in the way? Dreamfuel's mindfulness services help teams learn how to quiet their minds from outside distractions, and focus all of their attention on what matters most.

3. Visualization increases energy 

What if you could vastly improve your team's energy and motivation for accomplishing their goals and your company's mission? Dreamfuel's visualization techniques help energize teams so that they can blast through any obstacles that may stand in their way. After all, it's our 'dreams' that 'fuel' us.


If you’d like to see your team thrive under pressure and meet their full potential, request a consultation to see how Dreamfuel's mental performance methods can help you supercharge your performance.